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We're Leigh & Brandon. Nice to meet you!

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber

First, we're gross and we make no apologies for that. Being stupidly happy together means we take a lot of obnoxious pictures. This whole venture only works because we like each other so much.
So, what makes two 30-somethings think 'hey, we should spend a lot of time living in the same 80 square feet of space with our two dogs and just enough clothes to make it through a week while we travel around and take warmish showers in the woods?' Like we said, it's because we're an awesome team and love being together.
We're also out to find true freedom. What is it? We're still defining that our for ourselves and we think it means something different to everyone. Some say it's being your own boss. Leigh will tell you that's flexibility, not freedom. Lack of responsibility isn't freedom, either. At least not for us.
We think not being a slave to your stuff is part of it. As is the ability to wander when you're inclined to explore. Cutting out those things that turn your hair gray, keep you from playing, that kill your joy... we think that's true freedom, too. Life would be awful if we all liked the same things, so we're not dogging on anyone's idea of freedom... rather, we are just encouraging ourselves and others to find a definition that suits us, and chase it down whatever road it leads you on. Preferably as fast as you can!


Mr. Fix It

I've always been a car guy. Sports cars, specifically, which a 70 hp (now 140 hp!) house on wheels is not. My day job is with Flyin' Miata, designing parts for small girly cars - anything from new brakes to installing Corvette motors - so the Vanagon is a bit of a change. I feel like I've turned over a new stone with Humboldt, though. While it's still fun in its own right, the more important thing is that it facilitates adventure. I've always wanted to go new places and discover new things and people, but I haven't always been the best about making it happen - it's easy to dream but hard to do (for this introvert, anyway). Our first "long" (two week) trip was the first step in that direction. We simply left home without much of a plan and stumbled onto things we didn't know existed. We learned a lot of things on that trip, including the fact that we should slow the hell down. We covered 3,700 miles in two weeks, which are impressive numbers, but they also mean that we missed a lot of stuff along the way. We won't make that mistake again.

My first love will always be bikes - mountain bikes mostly, but I like them all. Riding as much as possible in as many new places as possible is high on the list, so if anyone has suggestions for where to go I'm all ears. My second love is playing with mechanical things - creating, improving, etc. Working on Humboldt, tweaking it into a perfect vehicle for adventures, is a lot of fun for me as well.

While we're never sure what we'll find when we hit the road in Humboldt, and it's sure to have its share of things that aren't sunshine and roses, we're very excited to be trundling toward adventure, both planned and unplanned.

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Chief, Creature Comforts

A broadcast journalist and public relations pro by trade, I've had a lot of work experiences and will learn anything anyone will teach me. You're reading that right, I have no master plan. Working out OK so far.

Anyway, when we took our Honeymoon trip in May 2015, I wanted to go to Italy. Tooling around the hot American West was not my idea of romantic, or picturesque, or fun. Boy am I glad I was wrong! That trip was the best thing we've ever done for ourselves, and it changed me on a cellular level. More time in Humboldt is exciting. I'm excited about the challenges we'll face, the opportunities to strengthen our relationship, and the adventures we'll have.

I'm also excited about pitting my two selves against each other - the adventurer v. the homebody who wants to change paint colors and over-decorate for every holiday. Should be fun trying to find a balance!

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Best Dog

Do you have food? Can I have it? No? Let me tell you about myself, maybe you'll change your mind. I am sweet. And good. And Leigh's best friend. I love chasing balls, rolling in the grass to scratch my back, following Leigh around the house all day long, and getting my hair on everything. When we go to the park, I always bring the ball back and put it in your hand. Even if you drop it, I will pick it back up and put it in your hand. You will never, ever have to bend over to get it. I even carry it home from the park. I really am the best dog ever. When anyone comes over, or Leigh and Brandon come home, I get them a toy and wag my whole self. I like to sit by people and lean on them, like Velcro. I'm loyal and happy and smile all the time. See how great I am? I'll take that cookie now.


Wild Dog

I'm Piper. I love licking. More than anything. I am trying to lick you right now. Honestly, it doesn't matter what it is, I will lick it. I excel at finding slivers of exposed skin and licking it.

I also like to run like the wind. I will run and run and run. Chasing Brandon on his mountain bike is my idea of heaven. Actually, if I could roll in dead, smelly things AND run at the same time, that would be ideal.

I'm a very, very good girl, even though I'm kinda wild. I love my people SO much!

I am also a bed pig. I like sleeping on beds, regardless of whether or not anyone else is on them. All flat surfaces are a bed, and they are all mine. You've been warned. My favorite beds are the kinds with squishy human legs on top of them... I find the extra padding quite comfortable.

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