GoWesty hook-up boxes

How do we get water into this thing?

When we first got Humboldt, long before he had a name, he had his original hook-up boxes. Or most of them. Some of them. One of the lids was gone, one was broken, and the water box was stuck shut. They worked, kinda, but they were ugly. Being cheap and liking to tinker, I tried to fix the doors. After all, I could still plug in an electrical cord so it still functioned. Regardless, I tried and failed, there was no fixing them. Plus, the water one didn't work at all, so we had to disassemble the cabinet to fill the water tank. Awkward, annoying, and often messy. Something had to be done.

GoWesty sells this kit that had everything we needed. They seemed to think it was amazing, so I figured it was worth a shot. Five years later, I'm convinced they were right. Our van sits outside every day, and the sun is brutal in the high desert of Western Colorado. They might look a little rough, but that's only because Humboldt hasn't gotten a bath in awhile and they've received nearly zero maintenance. Plus, they're simply covered in frosty and snowy road residue. There was only one slight issue - the fitting for the water hose loosened up somehow. I tightened it by hand, and that was that. I probably did that three years ago. Otherwise, functionality has been a solid 100%, and we've had no other issues with them.

We opted for the version that hooks up to a water hose, with a quick release setup that makes hooking up the hose easy and mess-free. It's awesome as long as you have a water hose, which we have up to this point. We should have a hose most of the times while we're out there, but if we don't things will get interesting. We could disassemble things and fill the water tank from the top, but I'm thinking about setting up a funnel of some variety that hooks up to the box on the outside. We'll see how successful or necessary that is.

PROS: Durable, works well. I'm not sure what else to say, they do exactly what they're supposed to do.

CONS: Ummm... they weren't free..? Really, I can't think of any reason not to get these, assuming the original ones are no longer good.

VERDICT: A good buy, I'd definitely do this again.

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