Dash for storage

Motorcycle tank bag to the rescue!

Project cost: starting at around $60 (ours was a gift, so technically it was free)

Long ago and far away, while Brandon was still wild and free, he rode a street bike. We went out on it two or three times, but since I don't have a motorcycle license or a street bike, it wasn't an activity we could really do together. We moved on to other fun activities better suited for two (sailing, dirt biking, mountain biking, etc.) and the street bike's roar fell silent. Then it went home with someone else.

Prior to that, Brandon's lovely sister bought him a magnetic tank bag from Cortech (like this one - I couldn't find our exact model) for Christmas. I don't know how much she paid for it but it seemed like such a well thought out item that I felt badly that we weren't using it any more.

I also felt badly about the completely wasted space on the dash of Humboldt in front of the passenger. Surely, surely there was something we could do there. Magnetic tank bag, meet metal dashboard. Long may you be attracted to one another.

The bag holds a large amount of maps, some big binoculars, dog leashes, pens, important documents (not the really important ones, though), phone chargers, vehicle log, etc. There's even a handy hook for my sunglasses.

It's awesome. Easy to remove when we need to clean the dash (as if that ever happens) and seems to be holding up well to the UV rays streaming in through the windshield since we never take it out. If necessary though, it's quick to move/remove, and we couldn't be happier with this chance match that ended up being made in Heaven.

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