We got these babies all tied up.

These dogs are the best. They are such good co-pilots. They're funny, they're sweet, they're comforting. They're naughty. They're especially naughty when they've gone wild, as they tend to do when we're camping. Other people's dogs have clearly been infinitely naughtier, thus the reason so many places require dogs to be chained up. We're not always in control of our dogs, so I'm not pointing any fingers. Anyway, containment of the hairy beasts is often necessary.

Lily and Piper both find these contsraints insulting. They've been known to chew through leashes, so traditional fabric ones weren't really an option for when we had to leave them tied up for long periods of time.

High levels of excitement (caused by getting fed, us eating, other dogs, being outside, etc.) tend to turn them both into asshats, creating moments of high hilarity when they've tied themselves together if chained at the same point.

We found a simple solution at Lowe's. We got two 6.5-foot lengths of coated cable, four crimpers, two swivel hooks, and two large (easy to use) carabiners. Brandon crimped a loop in both ends - attaching the swivel hook for the dog's collar on one end and running the caribiner through the other. The resulting tie is the regulation 6-feet long.

Now, we can attach one dog at each side of the sliding door on Humboldt and it's harder for them to tie themselves together and impossible for them to chew their way to freedom. There are perfect hooking points already built into the body of the van (I don't know what they're for, ask Brandon) just in front of the rear tire and right behind the front tire.

Unhooking them is super simple and we just coil up and store them. Leaving the carabiners attached to the car is not a smart solution, it's a poor choice. They rattle and bang and get filled with mud/dirt. Don't be lazy.

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