Thasa spicy meatball!

Stuck on spices? Us, too. And this is SO easy!

Project cost: As much as you want, starting at $2.99

We found these Magnetic Spice Tins at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're not new, they've been around for ages. But they're totally what someone who cooks in a vehicle needs. Here's why:

1. You can put whatever you want in them and they haven't been pre-labeled.

2. You can stick them on the tray, under the tray, to the B Pillar, any metal surface you want.

3. They could hold stuff other than spices.

4. They're not very expensive.

5. They keep your spices accessible, yet out of the way.

6. They keep your valuable storage space open for other items.

7. You can see what's in them just by looking at the lid.

8. They can dispense as much or as little as you need, the hole size is adjustable.

9. They hold as much as one of those little spice jars does. While the Costco 5 lb. bag of Thyme might seem like a good idea, it's difficult to store in a vehicle.

10. You can buy as many as you need so every one of your beloved spices has a home in your home. Ain't nobody gonna tell me I gotta choose between cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Ain't nobody.

11. Let's face it, they're adorable.

We haven't had any problems with the magnets failing and having them slide off the tray while driving. If you're going to spend a lot of time bouncing over rough tracks, perhaps it'd be a good idea to relocate them temporarily. I don't know about you, but cumin smells like BO to me and I don't want it all over my home away from home.

We tried several solutions for the spices before we found this one. We did the daily pill organizer thing - it limited how much you could have of each spice as well as how many spices. Plus, it leaked so it had to be kept in a plastic bag and then everything smelled like cumin.

Before that, we just threw all our spices in the pantry bins. Meh. Took up too much space, rolled around, was hard to tell what was in it without picking it up (if it was crammed in upright because the bin was full). These little guys are the greatest.

I have seen that folks use baby food jars with magnets on the lids to accomplish the same thing. If you have access to baby food jars, that could be a cheaper solution, though you have to take the lid off and it'd be possible to dump out all the contents rather than just sprinkle a little seasoning.

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