All cut up

What use is that tiny little drawer this thing came with?

Project cost: Less than $30 (we used materials we had, so it was kinda free)

Materials (to do it the wrong way):





Materials (to do it the right way):







We actually did this project long before the blog, so we don't have many in-process photos. We did however, want to share with everyone what we did to make that little drawer under the sink a functional one instead of one that could be used for, well, what, exactly? Pretty much nothing given how small it was. Travel-sized toothpaste tube and a Q-tip maybe.

Anyway, Brandon did all the work here (and the idea isn't original - lots of folks have done the same thing.) I'll sum up. He took out the drawer and built a new one. The cutout in the back goes around the plumbing for the sink. He then built dividers so little stuff is corralled and there's a compartment for cooking utensils and eating weapons. He built it out of scrap wood and that was that. Lots of wood glue, some nails, and some L-brackets for the little pieces that make the divider. Pretty simple.

It wasn't sanded, or painted. The bottom is made out of an old whiteboard and can't be painted. It was ugly (that's par for the course with honest ol' Humboldt) but it was also stabby and dangerous.

I rescued a roll of shelf liner from the yard sale pile (most of our belongings are stacked up looking like they're ready for a bonfire in the corner of the living room) and used a scrap piece to cover up the sharp pokey bits. Not sure how it'll hold up, we'll let you know.

WHAT WE'D DO DIFFERENTLY: Build the whole thing out of wood (not whiteboard) and sand it before putting it all together. Then we'd paint it. We're not really carpenters or woodworkers, can you tell? Otherwise, it's perfect and a MASSIVE improvement over the sliver of a 'drawer' that was there before.

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