Shady business

No need to draw a veil over our curtains anymore!

Piper had it right with this one. Look at stuff on the other side of the curtains, not at the curtains in Humboldt. Gah-ross!

The curtains have always been on my list of 'Items To Be Replaced'. It was just time. They were sun-faded, dirty, and not terribly energy-efficient.

(Full disclosure, our new curtains are not any more energy-efficient than the old ones were. In fact, they're worse in almost every way.) The color is better, they aren't sun-faded (yet), and the fabric was free since we already had it. Otherwise, they're better at attracting dog hair, and they're thinner, so no better at insulating. The challenge I have with making Humboldt handsome is that function decisions are now giving way to fashion decisions. Or in this case fashion and budget decisions.

My fabulous mother took on this job - just as she has every other unsavory sewing task I've asked her to tackle for my whole life. This one wasn't too bad, though it chaffed her to make them with such second-rate material. The material was originally used as a sun shade at our 2013 wedding. It's been sitting around since then, desperate to be used (or at least donated). I obliged and actually like that we're carrying part of that special day in our favorite home away from home.

Initially, I wanted something slick, that wouldn't attract dog hair. I also wanted something sturdy and something that would resist sun fading. Oh, and it had to be cheap. I never could get those stars to align, so I did my best with what I had and went with practically free and aesthetically pleasing. We'll probably have to replace them within a few years, but that's OK.

To combat sun fade, I researched UV protection options for fabric. Ended up getting a bottle of Eco Advance Fabric Waterproofer UV Protectant and Stain Blocker from Amazon. (You might be able to get it at your Lowe's, ours was going to have to order it in and it was cheaper through Amazon.)

It went on really easily and evenly. I have high hopes that it'll keep our curtains looking newish for awhile. It was certainly cheaper than buying yards and yards of expensive outdoor fabric.

I have no idea how well it'll do, we'll update you as we go along. The curtains were only hung up last night... too soon to tell. But they ARE already covered in dog hair. :/

On a happy note, here's a sneak peek at the upholstery fabric I bought! We're only using this as an accent on the seats (it's a little too much to cover everything with it... plus there wasn't enough in stock AND it was $38/yard. I thought Brandon was going to have a heart attack. Fortunately, the rest of the fabric for the project was a steal at $8/yard. All I had to do was drive to ATL and drag my fab mother in-law around a massive fabric warehouse to get it!)

What do you see in it? We've heard mountains, waves, ripples, and shark teeth. (Another friend said we'd never need to do psychedelic drugs in the van (as if!), all we had to do was look at the fabric.) I think they'll be pleasantly surprised when it's done.



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