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Ugly carpet gets it in a TKO from Duplicolor. Kachow!

HER PERSPECTIVE: This is what I think pretty much all the time, "I hate that carpet. It's embarrassing." I feel the same way about the exterior paint, but that's a post for another day - as is what the hell we're gonna do about it.

Anywho, I really didn't like the carpet. It is, without a doubt, hideous. Ever since the epic decision to take Humboldt from Humble to Handsome, this carpet problem has become an increasing source of anxiety for me. What to do? What to do? What to do? Got it!

My answer to everything is almost always 'paint it!' Don't like that table? Paint it. Don't like that light fixture? Whip out the rattle can and voila! a new light. I'm clearly not alone; many people like to make old new with paint and the Internets is full of genius applications of paint that get extra mileage out of what once would have been thrown/given away.

One of my ideas prior to the paint was just installing new carpet. I researched new carpet kits and found they were more than we wanted to spend. Mr. Fix It wasn't interested in installing said new carpet in any case as it would require ripping out the cabinet with the sink and stove in it and generally using up a lot of time.

While this discussion was getting serious, my father in-law was visiting to help build the new closet and drawers and console. Posts on those coming soon - can't wait to share them with you! When I proposed my spray paint idea, he was cautious. And frankly, a doubter. With good reason. I mean, how would that ever work? It would rub off. It would make the carpet really stiff. It would wash off. It wouldn't cover evenly. There were lots of negatives. However, it turns out Duplicolor made it work with their awesome Vinyl & Fabric Coating. It's brilliant and works like a charm for both surfaces. (I used the same paint but in white for the driver and passenger vinyl door panels that were also hideous. Ended up painting over it as the white was just TOO white. Used the Coconut Espresso that went on the cabinets and it worked just fine. Just wanted to let you know that the vinyl claim Duplicolor makes is LEGIT!)

The paint went on really easily and covered quickly. We used just one can for all the carpet we colored and had some left over. The carpet felt a little stiff at first, but I think that's because I did a crappy job rinsing it after I steam cleaned it. I just brushed over it with my hands and broke it down a little. The color didn't come off on my hands either, so I call the whole darn thing a serious win.

This stuff is available everywhere. I found it at Autozone and while I wish there were more color selections, I found one that I think will look good once this whole thing is done. It's called Medium Blue. Several of the reviews online said it was too bright blue, but I think you'll find that's the case if you use it over a very light carpet. Ours was pretty dark, and I didn't soak the carpet all the way down through the entire fiber, so you can still see a little bit of the original color, which I actually like. I know, that's dumb and contrary to everything I have ever said about this carpet. My point is, it gives the color some more dimension and makes it look a little less like Cookie Monster was turned into a rug.

HIS PERSPECTIVE: This was one of my lovely wife's more insane ideas. But it worked out great. All I did was rip out what carpet I could and glue it back down once it was done. I like these projects.

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