All dried up

We're hooked on these great towels from REI

We're gonna complain about a lack of storage space again... but we're also gonna talk about a great solution we found to this particular problem.

These super thin and tiny towels from REI are just awesome. They are tiny, cost $7.50, and dry really fast. If you're drying a lot of dishes, you want these towels. They are so much better than the regular kitchen towels we had before that were huge and took forever to dry. They come in four pretty colors, too!

We have at least four of these guys in the van. Just one of them has done this weird fraying thing since the edges aren't finished. It doesn't bother us, though we could take it back to REI, their return policy is so great.

The little hook on one corner is great. We hang them up with a magnetic hook on the support for the pop-top and they're easy to access whenever we need to dry anything.


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