Handy solution

Don't buy new, renew!

Do the handles and other stuff on the doors of your Vanagon look like our old ones (top right)? We didn't buy new ones (left), I just painted them! Dug through my parent's stash of spray paint and found a brown shade that was good for a variety of surfaces, including rubber. Then I got to work.

I put several coats on the vent covers, handles, knobs, etc. I even used it on some of the original trim around a few cabinets that had turned a sickly greenish brown color but that was otherwise in good condition.

You can see what a color difference there is in the handle. I wasn't about to pull that whole thing out, though.

On all surfaces, so far, so good. Nothing has wiped off or scraped off or become sticky. We'll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime I have to report that the interior of the doors now look practically new and it was yet another great project win.

#vanagoninterior #vanagonmodifications #westy #Vanagon #volkswagenvanagon #vanagonremodel

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