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The party bus is pulling in

We love Cards Against Humanity (because horrible people, obviously) and we're taking it with us on the road. But we're also taking all kinds of other fun entertainment options - a kite, card games, coloring books, puzzle books, etc.

Not really being TV watchers, we are more apt to read or play games than binge watch shows. However, rainy days, long shifts in the car, and other potential opportunities for downtime mean we'll need stuff to do.

With the exception of the kite, all the games made it into this old first aid kit box. It fits neatly under the bench seat and it's quick to access. (Note: we had to take stuff out of its original packaging to make it all fit.)

We've packed:

Exploding Kittens


Cards Against Humanity


Asshole (which is also doubling as a regular deck of cards)

Travel chess/checkers

Slap .45

Assorted coloring books

Assorted puzzle books

Once we're done with the coloring books and the puzzle books, we'll ditch them and if they worked well for us, we'll get new ones.

We're storing them (along with colored pencils and drawing pads) in this motorcycle fender bag we've strapped to the back of the passenger seat. The bag was another great present from Brandon's sister that hails from the time of his road bike days. (We couldn't bear the idea of getting rid of it, so we found a new use for it in this adventure! Love when that works out!

The bag has plenty of room and behind it is a great place to stash our road atlas.

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