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Loft bedside caddy solution

First, that coloring book is from my awesome sister in-law. It's as funny as it sounds. She knows I'm a frustrated artist wannabe and that living without the ability to be crafty would kill me. Get yours here.

For a long time we've been looking for a way to have everything we might need during the night (when we sleep in the loft) within reach. We'd simply been sharing valuable bed space with all that junk or balancing it precariously around the edge of the pop-top tent. Not the end of the world for most things, but some stuff (like the bear spray) needed to be a little easier to find and reach.

There are options out there through all the fine Westy vendors, but nothing really struck my fancy. I initially wanted my wonderful mom to make me something, but we didn't have a pattern and had a few problems to solve (making it sturdy, how many pockets it should have, how much effort it was going to take to put it up/take it down, where to store it, etc.)

Then, strolling through Target, we found this one instead for $7.99. It comes in several cool colors and it certainly does the job. Holds books/tablets, phones, and the bear spray. We could have gotten one for each of us as it's not very wide, but for right now, we think we're good with just one. The fact that it is so narrow is a plus for when you want to look out the front window while still in bed. It can be shoved off to one side and squished up pretty well.

It can't stay up during the day or while we're traveling... it'll either be in the way or block the driver's vision. Since it doesn't hold much (just the essentials) then it's easy to empty and then it can be stored on top of the blankets in the back of the pop-top.

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