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When you come from Colorado, the jokes are always the same

The Rocky Mountain high stigma seemed to follow us on a recent road trip to California. Our neighbor at our air BNB was pretty convinced we were stoners the second he learned where we were from. Add that experience to stories we'd heard that cars leaving the Centennial State were being pulled over as they headed into neighboring states and we were a little worried about the image Humboldt was portraying. After all, what's a hippie van without a whole lotta weed?

As Brandon is a volunteer firefighter/EMT for a fire department near where he works, we thought perhaps firefighter plates would add to our street cred just a little bit. We bounced the idea a few friends we have who are in law enforcement and went ahead with the expense of getting the special plates. So far, no problems.

Of course, it helps that even if an officer did catch Humboldt speeding, they'd never believe their radar gun. "That hunk of rust is doing 78? I gotta get this thing checked out..."

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