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So you've been reading all about my audiobooks on the blog... I figured perhaps I should explain.

Right before we left an old friend told me he was voicing audiobooks part time. While he's in a totally different class of professional, I did do voice work when I was in TV. And I've been told my voice is good. I thought about what he was doing for a few days, then offered him some beer in exchange for answering a barrage of questions.

It boils down to this... I bought a mic, the materials necessary for making a traveling sound booth, and set up an account with ACX, which belongs to Amazon. I find titles accepting auditions that I'm interested in (do you have any idea how much smut is out there?!?), record auditions in the van, and if I land one, I read the whole book in the van. I can record right into my laptop and edit it before uploading it for approval by the author and ACX. I get paid either for each FINISHED hour of audio, or I get a royalty share each time the book sells.

(If you want to read the smut, hit me up and I'll tell you what little I know about all this stuff. Seriously, there are hundreds of titles up for grabs if you can keep a straight face and stomach it. I. Just. Can't.)

Anyway, the Per Finished Hour deal is nice if you just want cash, regardless of how many hours of your life you give up in exchange. The royalty deal is a bigger gamble, but also has a potentially bigger pay-off. As they say in Vegas, scared money don't make money. I've done a few of both. And it's paid for a few campgrounds. It's difficult work in a less than silent environment. My mic has picked up more than one recording of, "Piper, if you snore one more time, so help me...' I'm hoping it'll be easier when we get back home. In any case, this is my little way of helping to pay the bills out here. I spend more time squinting at the computer screen and little green squiggles than I do looking around sometimes... Nearly missed a spectacular moonrise in Badlands because I was editing.

Some of my projects I'm much more proud of than others. The best one to date is The Loving Push by Dr. Debra Moore and Dr. Temple Grandin. It's a guide to help parents of children on the autism spectrum. We don't have kids, but it was still one of the most interesting and heart-wrenching books I've ever read. I can only imagine that any parent would get good info out of it, regardless of any diagnosis.

I have 25 complimentary codes I'd love to give out to anyone who is interested in downloading the book for themselves or for a friend. I don't know anyone with a child on the spectrum, but if you do, hit me up and I'll email you the code and directions on how to download it. (If you're in the UK, I can get you one as well.)

I apologize in advance for having to listen to my voice for eight hours... but I know the content will overcome the irritation!


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